1 — The special Welsh Rarebit Pan.

This is made of brass, highly nickeled, and is a beautiful piece of apparatus. It looks like a simple cooking pan with a cover, but it is also a clever piece of mechanical apparatus with extra parts.

Figure 46 shows pan as it looks to audience.

Figure 47 shows a cross section view of pan.

Figure 47 shows a cross section view of pan.

The pan consists of four parts. First there is the cover which has a piece attached to it, fitting into the upper compartment or tray of the pan, Figures 48 and 49.

The third part is the largest compartment of pan to which handle is attached. And this, in turn, fits into the fourth or bottom part of pan, Figures 50 and 51.

2 — Small bottle of alcohol with bit of ether in it.

3 — Matches, egg, piece of newspaper, salt cellar, and any other comedy articles to put into pan.

4 — Guinea pig or small rabbit or some other load.

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