1 — A large, bright, orange-colored silk — a yard or more square.

On this paint a huge butterfly with black and green and touched up with gold bronze. You can paint on silk easily by mixing Japan paint with a preparation called Permanent Mixture, which keeps paint from running. Paintex Colors are also satisfactory. You may use a large flag or a silk dyed in various colors, if you prefer.

2 — Three ribbons -- orange, green, and black — each about an inch wide and ten or twelve feet long.

3 — A small metal ring, large enough to slip over right thumb easily. Also two small metal rings for corners of large butterfly silk.

In order to accommodate plenty of silk, it is well to have a tinsmith make a tin match box for you. Cover it with paper or paint it to represent an ordinary match box. Paste black emery paper on sides for striking matches and fill box with regulation size large matches. A box so made is substantial and will last a long time.

5 — Three strips of colored paper to match ribbon. Each strip should be about an inch wide and a foot or so long.

6 -- A stationery clip -- can be purchased at almost any stationery store. It should be about an inch wide, Figure 33.

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