A tambourine; a bell; a musical instrument, such as a mandolin, ukelele, or guitar; a trumpet or some wind instrument (even a harmonica is good); and a megaphone or sheet of paper rolled into shape of one.

Various other articles may be used, as performer desires.

A slate can be used and placed on table with a piece of chalk. In the dark a message appears on it. A glass of water may be placed on table and mysteriously emptied.

A piece of paper may be placed on table with a pair of scissors. The paper is cut in two in the dark. A red silk handkerchief placed on table can change color.

A handkerchief placed on table can knot itself mysteriously, or a handkerchief full of knots can untie itself.

Dark séances offer many opportunities for puzzling effects even with common articles at hand. Thus they can be made entirely impromptu.

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