1 -- A Professional Set of Billiard Balls. This consists of three bright red solid wooden balls and a half shell which fits over any one of the balls.

Figure 1 shows a ball, Figure 2 the half shell, and Figure 3 the way in which the shell fits over the ball.

The Half Shell has made billiard ball manipulation easy and very mysterious. The audience believes that you use only solid balls and is never aware of the half shell. When viewed from the front, the shell looks like a billiard ball. If you hold a ball and a half shell side by side, it is impossible to tell the difference between them. The shell should fit snugly over the ball so that shell and ball look like one ball. With the ball in motion and at a short distance from spectators, edge of shell is not noticeable.

The shell must be loose enough so that ball will slide out of it easily. With a shell over a ball, you have one ball. When shell is suddenly lifted from ball, it appears that you have two balls. Thus you may show one or two balls at will. When shell is struck at the center with solid ball, it sounds as though two solid balls were struck together. Figure 4 is a side view, illustrating the manner in which this is done.

The most popular size of balls is 1-3/4 inch. For boys or those with very small hands, the 1 1/2 inch size is better. The larger the ball used the better the effect, but you must use a size which you can handle successfully. Cardini uses a 2-1/8-inch ball, varying with a set of 2-inch size. His hand is only medium size, but his

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