We have given you FREE the paraphernalia for performing this trick: 1--Two metal rings, nickeled, about an inch in diameter. The other articles you will need are:

a--A piece of string or soft cord about two and a half feet long. b-- A pocket handkerchief.

To prepare: Place one ring with handkerchief in the right trousers pocket or coat pocket. In another pocket place the other ring and the piece of string.

Take from your pocket the ring and string (or you may borrow a piece of string).

"I am going to show you an odd experiment with a small metal ring and a piece of string. But before doing so I want someone to examine this ring very carefully to see that it is solid."

Give Ring to Spectator.

"If it were not, I certainly would not ask such an analytical person to examine it. Also look this piece of string over closely."

Give Spectator the String.

"You are quite certain, are you, that there is no hole in the ring?"

Run finger through the ring itself.

"It wouldn't be a ring without a hole, would it? Now, if you will just thread the ring on the string please!"

"Please hold both ends of the string securely and remember don't let them go!"

Give both ends of the string to spectator. The ring hangs on the string between his hands.

"There swings the ring on the string gaily between you."

While saying the above, reach into pocket with your right hand. Finger palm the ring in your pocket the way you finger palmed the glass disk in Lesson 1.

Take handkerchief from your pocket at the same time. To the audience it looks as though you had just reached into your pocket after handkerchief. They do not know that you have an extra ring and that you are concealing it in your right hand. In the illustrations I have marked the concealed ring "B" and the ring which the audience sees is marked "A". Notice however that as the trick progresses, these rings change places. That is, ring "A" becomes the concealed ring and ring "B" is seen by the audience.

"Have you ever head of 'Trans-figure-ma-gumption'? I don't suppose you ever have. It is a process of materialization and dematerialization of solid objects under an invisible coat. This handkerchief can be the invisible coat."

Cover ring on string with handkerchief.

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