Number of Acts

The number of acts depends, of course, on the occasion and conditions under which you are working. It also depends on your own particular personality and the way in which you can work to the best advantage.

Some performers like to use only one act. Others like to divide the program into two or three acts. If you are doing Super-Mental work, it is well to have two acts - the first one of Magic, and the second of Mental effects. Or the program may be divided into three acts -- the first one consisting of Magic, the second of Super-Mentalism, and the third of Magic again.

The show should run from an hour and a quarter to an hour and three-quarters. Regular theatrical performances may run two hours. Divide your acts up to fall within this length of time. The tendency of the beginner is to run his program too long. You can overdo as well as underdo. Keep things moving and remember to STOP at the proper time. Use the vaudeville system of running on schedule time. Avoid long waits between acts -- they tire your audience and destroy your influence over your spectators. BE

PROFESSIONAL all the way through. Have everything well organized and running smoothly and your audience will feel that you are well experienced and a MASTER in your art.

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