As a rule, performers count fifteen cards into each hand or onto the table. The two pockets contain thirty cards. This is where the trick gets the name "Thirty Card Trick." However, I prefer to use twelve cards in each packet for several reasons. You will understand this when you master the effect.

Give cards to spectator to shuffle.

"Count TWELVE cards into my left hand one at a time and count them loud enough so that all may hear you."

Performer holds out left hand, palm upward, and spectator counts twelve cards out one at a time into his palm. Fig. 1. The cards should be counted backs up. If spectator does not count loud enough, you count with him. You must impress upon your audience the fact that twelve cards are in your hand.

"TWELVE cards."

Hold up packet of twelve cards and fan it out slightly. Fig. 2. "You are correct, sir — a very good mathematician."

Square up cards again. As you do so, insert first joint of little finger of left hand under top three cards in packet. Your left hand and little finger are in the same position as they were in doing the simplified pass explained in Lesson 9. Fig. 3.

Drop left hand with packet at your side. Hold cards so that audience is not aware of position of little finger, separating top three cards.

To the audience it appears that all you have done is to fan open cards to be sure that spectator was right in his count.

"Now, count TWELVE cards onto the palm of my right hand. Count them one at a time aloud so that there will be no mistake in the number."

Spectator counts twelve cards out onto performer's right hand as he did onto the left hand.

Now square up cards and reverse them so that they face upwards. Hold them between tips of fingers and thumb. Fig. 4.

Hold hands far apart — packet in right hand with faces of cards up; packet in left hand with little finger separating top three cards. Fig. 5.

"Twelve cards in my right hand also. Thank you."

Turn slightly to left toward spectator there. As you do so, take position shown in Figure 6.

"Twelve cards in my right hand also. Thank you."

Turn slightly to left toward spectator there. As you do so, take position shown in Figure 6.

Turn your right hand back to audience and bring packet of cards in each hand on a horizontal line with each other.

Say to gentleman on left:

"Have you a handkerchief which we can use?"

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