knot. Turn right pocket in, pulling silk in upper corner down into lower part of pocket. "You have tied a knot in the silk. Again I place it into my pocket." Place silk in right pocket, pushing it into upper corner as before. Remove hand.

"Do you believe in spirits? No? Then please reach into my pocket when I say THREE and remove the silk."

Turn right side to audience and hold coat back with right hand. "One-two-three."

Spectator reaches into pocket and brings out silk, which is untied, from lower part of pocket.

As assistant reaches for pocket and attention of audience is MISDIRECTED to him, reach into your left back pocket with left hand and remove the blue silk from it. Push into left pocket, tucking it into upper inner corner. Remove left hand. Your left pocket has been turned out so that even if some members of audience see you put your hand in your pocket, they will interpret it as merely a move to push your left pocket in again.

"It will not stay tied, you see. It has freed itself from all entanglements."

Turn both pockets out again and show empty.

"A peculiar silk, you must admit."

Turn right pocket in.

"Now I shall ask you to stand at my left for a moment as it will be a bit handier for you." Place assistant at your left.

"Watch me again. Here are my hands and here my pocket."

Show hands freely. Then tuck left pocket back into place, bringing blue silk down into lower part of pocket from the corner. Remove hand.

"Again I take the little fellow--this little red silk—and place him in my pocket."

Crush the handkerchief up and place in left pocket. Push up into corner, but call attention to movement of fingers in lower part.

"I shall ask you to blow in the direction of my pocket twice."

Blow once to show him how. Then he blows twice.

"You saw the red silk go in—now take it out."

Turn left pocket well toward him so that audience can see. He reaches into pocket and removes the blue silk. THIS IS A GOOD CLIMAX.

Turn left pocket out again to show empty, then replace it. Look at spectator and say:

"You BLUE (blew) the handkerchief, all right."


If you should happen to use a green silk instead of a blue one, say "That's his Irish coming out. He thought you were blowing an Irish tune."

Take handkerchief from spectator.

"Which, after all, goes to show that the silk worm may not know what he spinneth." NOTE:

Two gentlemen can assist you, if desired, instead of one. Have one at your left and other at right.

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