Another way of getting rid of small piece of string is simply to take string in hand and cut off piece by piece as you did in the Germaine version, until it is entirely gone.

After you tell your audience about expressmen not bothering to tie up the cord and that besides the cord may be too tight to allow tying, you may continue the patter in this way:

"So, if we cannot have a knot we must not. I'll cut off a piece for you and a piece for me. A great big piece for you and a little tiny piece for me and an extra souvenir for the lady over there."

As you say the last sentence of the above, cut the knot from the cord.

"We have no knot, but we do have a couple of good ends left. After all, what's a couple of ends between friends when we have inventors. What I wanted to tell you about this new indestructible cord is that when the cord on a package breaks, it will not stay broken. Each end seeks out its mate, comes together with the other end and sticks stronger together than true lovers at first sight."

Lift hand from cord.

"Pull the cord hard, gentlemen, and see whether it isn't just as strong as ever if not stronger. This shows the wonderful power behind inventions."

In performing this impromptu method of cutting and restoring a cord, you may do the trick with rope, string, or ribbon.

You may take a clothes line, for instance, unroll three or four yards of it, and perform the trick. Using a clothes line makes a good stage effect. Your patter could be based on a wash day experience.

Later on in the course, I will show you how this principle is applied to some pretty stage effects.


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