Talk to the rabbit inside by bringing your head down near box. "Are you there all right?"

Pretend the rabbit is answering you. Talk in a subdued ventriloquial voice when answering yourself. Say, "Yes, I'm here all right." Then to audience:

"See, he says that he's all right. What color eggs would you like to have him lay? Blue? Bunny, Bunny, the little girl says she wishes you would lay some blue Easter eggs."

Place ear near box as though listening for a reply.

"Did you hear him say anything? That's funny."

Remove top of box. Hold bag side away from audience, of course. Keep eyes on box. Place top on a chair nearby or give it to an assistant. Do this quickly as though you are eager to go on and examine the box, Fig. 27.

Pick up box as though it were rather heavy because of the rabbit under the partition. Hold top of box out toward audience. With right hand hold partition down inside box, Figure 28.

"The little girl wanted blue eggs, and I guess he just 'blue' away."

Move right hand farther down on partition. Lift it up a little and then replace as though rabbit were trying to push partition up.

About this time the "show" starts with the youngsters. They think that the rabbit has not vanished at all but is under the slanting door in the box.

"We are all satisfied that the rabbit has vanished."

The children are not satisfied, however, and clamor to see under the door.

"Oh, underneath — Oh, no, the rabbit isn't underneath."

Show bottom of box. As the commotion grows, show various parts of the box, but not under the partition. Finally say:

"Oh, under here. There is nothing there. THAT IS JUST THE FLAT BOTTOM OF THE BOX. So now, we're all satisfied that he has gone."

Pretend that you are going to put box away. Finally, when the excitement is at a high pitch, say:

"Oh, I forgot I had a special bedroom built for the rabbit, and you think he is in there."

Open up the slanting door, then release catch at bottom of box, allowing bottom doors to open out.

"He's nowhere around here. He's back in his home in Easter-Egg-Land."

NOTE: This method of working is presented for use when there are quite a number of children in the audience. It may also be presented as a straight vanish in pantomime style without using Patter at all. This method takes only a few moments.

After you have disposed of top when doing it in pantomime, pretend to hear someone say that rabbit is under slanting door. Shake your head, raise door, and open bottom sections to show box empty.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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