is the art of foretelling the future by pretending to have communication with the dead. The ghosts of the departed are called up to give oracles or discover hidden treasures; or these ghosts come, through the offices of the necromancers, to enter men's bodies and afflict them with diseases or cure them. The spells and incantations of the magicians are believed powerful enough to control the will even of such divinities as the gods who can drive the winds and give or withhold the rain.

These beliefs began in ancient times and have come down through the ages and are still prevalent. Today in civilized countries we have spiritualism, which illustrates the ability of the medium, like the necromancers of old, to call up the sprits of the dead to give oracles foretelling events. And among primitive peoples living now the belief that these ghosts can enter the human body and afflict or cure them is still a strong influence.

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