Names of Effects for Programs

Many of the names which I give to tricks in the Course are, of course, merely for description. Some of these names, however, are too obvious to use for the public. Names of tricks used in newspaper publicity, advertising, or printed programs must not reveal the nature of the effect to the public. For instance, you and I would talk to each other about "The Cards Up the Sleeve." On the program, however, we would give it a name like "Invisible Transit." The name, "Japanese Torn and Restored Paper," is too explanatory and should be changed to something more mysterious, like "A Japanese Mystery," or "The Magical Napkin." The name, "Miser's Dream," is all right -- so much better than "Catching Money in the Air."

At times, too, you will want to vary your program, and if a name is general, many effects can be worked under that name without having your audience know. "Invisible Transit," "Japanese Mystery," "The Miser's Dream," for example, might apply to anything from a Coin, Card, or Handkerchief Trick to an elaborate stage production.

As the showman once told his publicity man, "Advertise heavily about our big Hippo." "But," replied the publicity man, "the Hippopotamus that you ordered may not get here in time." "In that case," said the showman, "the Hippo will be the Hippodrome." That illustrates the advantage of a general name.

For your work at this stage you do not need printed programs for distribution to the audience. They would add to your expense. I explain to you about them here, however, because some organizations get up souvenir programs and I want you to be prepared for such emergencies.

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