Mouth Vanish

The effect is that you show thimble on right forefinger, place it in mouth, show thimble in cheek, and then swallow it.

Bring forefinger with thimble up to mouth, Figure 95. Lower hand and show thimble again, Figure 96.

Bring hand quickly to mouth. In an instant, Thumb Palm thimble in right hand without stopping motion, and place forefinger in mouth without thimble, Figure 97.

To audience it appears that you actually put thimble into mouth. Remove forefinger from mouth without thimble on it, of course. Put tongue in cheek to give effect of thimble there. Remove tongue from cheek and pretend to swallow thimble.

Your next production is from your right ear. Bring right hand up toward ear with forefinger pointing to it. When hand is near ear, curl forefinger into palm and get thimble on finger. Suddenly straighten finger with thimble and insert quickly in ear. Figures 98 and 99.

Remove finger with thimble and show palm of hand to audience. You apparently took thimble out of your ear. Figure 100.

Remember that any Production from Thumb Palm which you make or any Thumb Palming of thimble

which you do should be covered with a sweep of the hand toward or from object or part of your body. The large motion of arm and hand covers the small one of the actual manipulation. There must be continuous motion — no jerks or hesitation.

Pretend to place thimble in mouth and vanish again. Thimble, of course, goes into Thumb Palm position.

Produce thimble from under right side of vest. Slip thimble on third finger of right hand from Thumb Palm position. You will have no difficulty in doing this with aid of thumb and other fingers.

Curl fingers under right side of vest. Insert little finger in small thimble and slip thimble out of holder. Insert forefinger in front thimble and bring it out and expose it to audience, keeping other fingers still under vest. To help you do this, hold lower right edge of vest with left hand. The effect is that you swallowed a thimble and then produced it from under your vest.

Do the Slow Thimble Vanish in Hand (Principle No. 5). Turn right side toward audience. Place right forefinger with thimble against left palm and vanish thimble by Thumb Palming in right hand. Be sure to keep other fingers with thimbles curled into right palm, see Figures 41 to 46.

Drop right hand down. Show left palm empty.

Produce thimble from under left side of vest. Curl left forefinger under lower left side of vest and remove a thimble on it from holder there. Bring hand out. Keep other fingers curled into palm and forefinger outstretched so that it is shown to better advantage with thimble on it.

You now have this arrangement of thimbles in your hands. Thimble on left forefinger. Thimbles on third and fourth fingers of right hand. Thimble Thumb Palmed in right hand.

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