Modern Spiritualistic Magic

Time goes by and conditions change even in spirit effects. Old time mediums were familiar with various restraints, such as handcuffs, rope and tape ties, etc., which the modern medium knows little or nothing about. The spirit medium working in a séance room does not need to be tied for her following is so convinced of her power that they do not question her methods.

The magician, on the contrary, is placed in a different light. He has to convince his audience that he has no chance to do anything not legitimate. So he is often tied with tape or rope to a chair in such a manner as to make him apparently helpless.

You as a magician are out to entertain an audience, and so in presenting spiritualistic effects, you are entitled to use all the artifices of the stage and of magic necessary to create an effect. You do not claim to have supernatural power. You merely let the audience form their own opinions as to how you accomplish things.

I have simplified some excellent effects for you and have adapted the methods to make them suitable for your use as a magical entertainer. In this lesson I teach you how to perform seven interesting effects in spiritualistic magic:

1 - The Living and the Dead.

2 - Spirit Photography.

3 - The Psychic Paper.

4 - Double Slate Writing.

5 - Single Slate Writing.

7 - The Touch of the Mysterious Fingers.

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