Method F

This is a very simple method, requiring no Gimmicks.

The effect is that a piece of rope is tied together to form a loop. It is then cut in the middle, opposite to the knot. Several inches are then cut from one of the cut ends. These ends are then tied together. Magician now cuts away one of the knots and the rope is restored.

Take a length of rope and sew the two ends together with white thread. In the middle of rope, opposite to sewed ends, tie a small piece of rope to make a fake knot.

Bring rope out prepared as shown in Figure 61.

Follow routine of second part of Method A to perform this effect.

There you have the real secrets of the TARBELL ROPE MYSTERY. You will find any one of the methods a real hit on your program.

It is well to have a number of Gimmicks on hand for emergency. By having this new Gimmick which just screws on to the rope, it makes the rope trick so easy to do. Women, as a rule, dislike sewing on snap fasteners. Another advantage is that with the new Gimmick you can prepare your own ropes and keep the method of performing a secret even from your own family.

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