Method 2

This method is popular. It requires no vertical pull. A strong pull is required, however, and for that reason it is necessary to clamp glass down on table and table must be heavy enough not to tip easily.


Take each card of deck and cut a quarter of an inch slit in middle of top edge, Figure 70. Make knot in end of black silk thread and run thread through slit from front to back of first card.

Turn card upside down and back of it place another card with slit end up. Bring thread up behind card. Push it through slit and back again, leaving a half-inch loop on front of card, Figure 71.

Now bring thread down again. Place another card back of it and bring thread up around it and loop through top slit as before. Continue this until you have the whole deck threaded except for 3 cards. The first card is the only one with the slit end down. The rest are all up with the thread looped through, Figure 72.

Place three selected cards, duplicates of which you are going to force, on back of deck. Place deck on table with handkerchief screening it. Run thread back over table, through a screw eye at the edge, and out to assistant backstage, Figure 73.


To secure glass to table, use a clamp of wood or metal. The clamp is of two sections. Have them screwed to table the width of the glass stem apart. Have screws at front end and arranged so that the two sections can be swung out. At the back end have a strong hook and eye arrangement for securing two sections of the clamp, Figure 74.

Figure 75 shows glass held in clamp on table. Glass is put between sections and clamp is fastened together. TO PERFORM:

Take regular deck and force three cards, duplicates of three unthreaded cards in prepared deck. Have cards returned and shuffled into deck. Place it on table behind handkerchief. Show glass and clamp it to table. Pick up threaded deck and place in glass. Upon command cards fly from glass, leaving the three selected ones.

This Card Fountain makes a fine finish to a card act.


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