Method 2



2 -- A glass tumbler with stem, large enough to hold deck of cards.

3 -- A yard of fine black silk thread.


Tie one end of thread to stem of glass and the other end to a small flat button. Place a small piece of wax on button and stick button on stem of glass. Place glass thus prepared on table and you are ready to work. Turn side of glass with button away from audience. Thread is invisible, Figure 55.


Have four cards freely selected, remembered, and replaced one by one in middle of deck. Do the Simplified Pass and get cards to top of deck. Shuffle cards without disturbing four selected cards on top.

Return to stage. Pick up glass and show. Place cards inside of glass with faces toward audience.

Hold glass by stem in left hand. With right hand remove button from stem, Figure 56.

Attach button to rear card of deck as you did in preceding experiment. Get right forefinger under thread and raise right hand above glass about 18 inches.

Figure 57 shows view from the side to give you diagram of arrangement of hands and thread.

Ask last spectator what card he selected. Then cause the rear card (his card) to rise out of the glass by raising your right hand and lowering your left. Card comes right up to hand.

Figure 58 shows view from audience, except that thread is invisible.

Be careful to have right hand a little to the right so that thread is not in front of white shirt.

Place card in front of deck. As you do so, remove button and hold it concealed between right thumb and finger-tips. Attach button to rear card again and place deck in tumbler. Ask third spectator who selected card to name it, then cause this card to rise. Continue in this routine for all four cards.

The lowering of glass and raising of right hand slightly causes cards to rise without any apparent movement of hands.

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