Performer asks members in the audience to call out names of four cards. The deck is shuffled and placed in a glass tumbler on the table. Magician places his right hand high above the glass and causes one of the selected cards to rise out of the deck and soar up into the air to his finger-tips. Each of the four selected cards is made to rise in similar manner. At the end of the experiment, selected cards are thrown out to audience.



One deck of cards is placed, face up, on table offstage so that audience is not aware of it. Deal the cards into four or more rows so that any card can be picked up instantly.

Nearby have the glass tumbler on the tray. An assistant offstage has charge of this, Figure 43.

The Wrist Reel is a special piece of magical apparatus. It consists of a small round box, 1 3/8 in. in

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