Mechanical Magic

The rest of this lesson will be given over to effects performed with special apparatus. Throughout the course, I have kept away as much as possible from mechanical apparatus. I not only wanted to cut down your expense, but also to give you a magical training with simple objects.

Now I think it is time that you learn some of these mechanical effects. They have played a very important part in the magician's program and I want you to be fully versed in them. From time to time you can add the various pieces of apparatus which they require and use the effects on your programs. They are old magical classics.

The Bran Vase, Dove Pan, and Rabbit Pan are useful especially when there are children in your audience, although they are also interesting for grownups. You will find that the introduction of a piece of apparatus of this nature here and there in an evening's performance is welcomed.

Be careful of the apparatus you buy. I have spent thousands of dollars for material which I could not use and that's why I warn you to beware and to buy only the very best. You can waste a great deal of money if you do not know how and what to buy. In selecting apparatus for the effects in this course, I have chosen only PRACTICAL THINGS which have stood the test of time and which will serve you for various different occasions. The apparatus we supply to students is the same kind which I use personally and it can be depended on. It is easy to operate and will hold up under use. The apparatus to be used for the following effects is not expensive, considering its workmanship and wearing qualities. It is excellent value for your money.

I can supply you with this apparatus now, if you desire, or from time to time as you need it and want it.

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