Making An Impression How to Make Your Appearance

The first impression which your audience forms of you is very important in your future success. You must, of course, be very careful of your magical properties. They must be kept in good condition so that they will be attractive and convey the impression that you have high standards in your work.

As to your personal appearance, I believe it is unnecessary for me to reiterate that you must be neat and careful about your clothes, your hands, your hair.

When you enter, walk in briskly. Do not shuffle along unless you are doing a comedy act and do it for effect. Walk directly to the center of the stage without looking at your audience. Do not bow and scrape and nod as you come in. Do not notice people until you are at the center of the stage. Then turn and face your audience and direct your attention to them. If you are to perform at a dinner or some other special occasion, do not get the attention of the guests until the time for your performance arrives. Only at this psychological moment must you make the audience notice you and keep their attention focused on you until you are through.

Always study your opening very carefully, for remember, you will sell yourself or harm yourself at the first moment of your performance.

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