Levitation of a Card

A splendid climax for the Rising Cards Through the Air if you are performing on a stage and have two assistants.


Same as for Rising Cards Through the Air. Then as last selected card rises from deck and remains suspended in air, performer passes his hands around card to show no connection. At command, card rises and drops and finally drops almost to the floor. Then it comes up again to performer's hand.


This effect requires a prepared card. Cut a piece from a card, straight at one edge and triangular at the other. Crease triangular end a little and paste straight edge down on back of another card at top. This makes a lip under which thread can be stretched, Figure 59.

Place this prepared card in a pocket which you can reach easily.

Stretch a fine black silk thread across the stage. Have each end held by an assistant in opposite wings offstage. Before performing effect, put thread out of the way by tying it in SLIP KNOT fashion over a nail high up on each side of stage.


In having cards selected FORCE A DUPLICATE OF THIS PREPARED CARD AS THE FIRST SELECTED CARD. After you have had four selected cards returned to deck and have performed the Simplified Pass, this duplicate card is fourth from top of deck and is out of the way. As you go back to stage, get the prepared card and place it on top of deck. Or have assistant place prepared card on tray and you place rest of deck on it as taught to you in a preceding experiment.

In this case, place button on NEXT to top card to cause three selected cards to rise. After three cards have risen, the prepared card is next. This is on top of the deck.

Take cards out of the glass and hold in left hand, cards facing audience. Fingers are in front and thumb behind cards. Hold deck about a foot in front of you.

At this point, have assistants pull on thread enough to slip knots from nails and bring it down in front of you and back of deck so that you can easily hook prepared card on it. Raise right hand ___

a little, apparently causing card to rise as ~j i f assistants raise thread. Drop left hand with cards to your side, Figure 60.

At command, card is caused to rise and drop at different rates of speed. At intervals you can pass hands above, below and around card to show no connections. When you pass hands over sides of cards, do it behind thread. It looks as though you pass hands directly beside edges of cards.

Finally have card drop down almost to floor, and then quickly rise up to hand, Figure 61.

Catch card in right hand and hold as one assistant drops thread and other assistant pulls it clear of card and offstage.

With good SHOWMANSHIP, you can get a wonderful effect with this.

This makes a beautiful effect with cards and adds display to your program with little effort. EFFECT:

Three cards are selected and shuffled back into deck. Deck is placed in a glass tumbler, which is placed on the seat of a chair. At command, the cards start flying out of the glass, way up into the air. They continue to fly out until only the selected cards remain in the glass. These are then removed from tumbler and shown.

This Method is the one used by DeKolta, one of the finest magicians of days gone by. TO PREPARE:

Take a spool of fine black silk thread and start unwinding it. Wrap the end of the thread twice around a card, Figure 62.

In front of this wrapped card, place three cards. When you perform the experiment you FORCE duplicates of these three cards as selected cards. Remember these three cards for forcing later, Figure 63.

Now you proceed to thread rest of deck. Thread is wrapped around starting card. Now bring it back of

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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