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It is time now for you to go back and review once more. Do you realize what a vast fund of information and what a thorough education you have gained in Magic up to this point? If you don't, a complete review will bring it home to you with great force. And if you do, this review will give you a tremendous satisfaction in the knowledge of the big thing you have accomplished.

Turn back to Lesson 13 for the first section of your review, Lesson 25 for the second section, Lesson 37 for the third section, and finally to this lesson for the fourth section.

This outline covers Lessons 37 to 49:

Lesson 37 -- Oriental Magic, including the principles of many mysterious knots and ties and of cut and burned tapes.

Lesson 38 -- Oriental Magic continued, giving you my original Japanese thumb tie -- principles of a chemical trick -- an effect with sticks -- an effect with balls -- principles for productions and vanishes in a grain trick -- an excellent lantern production. In this lesson you learn Chinese, Japanese, and Hindu Magic.

Lesson 39 -- A variety of principles and effects in Handkerchief Magic -- some original with me and some used on the programs of the world's best magicians. Color-changing handkerchief, dyeing silks, and flag effects in this lesson.

Lesson 40 -- Important discussion of Character Analysis in relation to Magic. Also effects with handkerchiefs, flags, ribbons.

Lesson 41 -- The wonderful principles of Billiard Ball Manipulation with excellent effects, utilizing these principles.

Lesson 42 -- Novelty ideas for inexpensive magic, presented in original effects by Arthur Pope, Cardini, Bert Douglas and myself. Included are color-changing handkerchiefs, billiard ball combinations, fruit and candy effects, as well as the famous Popping Corn in a Hat.

Lesson 43 — Great principles for coat and hat productions. Rabbits, of course, as well as other objects.

Lesson 44 -- Chemical and Mechanical Magic. The famous wine and water effect and cooking magic are included. Valuable principles for novel magic explained.

Lesson 45 -- Spiritualistic Magic, teaching you principles used by spirit mediums as well as magicians. How to perform a seance explained.

Lesson 46 -- Continuation of spirit magic, giving dark seances, thought projection, cabinet seances, and a chain escape.

Lesson 47 — Principles and routines of the Linking Rings used by Laurant and Namreh.

Lesson 48 -- Principles on which the world-reknown Hindu Mango Tree Growth is based — also other plant growths, an effect by Kolar, and my own mysterious Hindu Plant Growth and fire-cracker effect are included.

Lesson 49 -- Wonderful Chinese Magic, presented in this lesson.

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