In your next lesson I give you three more interesting tricks with tissue paper, based on different principles.

1-- A long strip of paper is torn into a number of pieces. placed in a saucer and burned to ashes. Performer shows both hands empty; then he picks up a bit of the ashes, rubs them a little, and they change to the original strip of paper again.

2--Two squares of tissue about 14 inches across are shown. One is black and the other is green. Performer tears them into a number of pieces, blows on them, and they are seen to have changed into a fancy French paper hat for milady.

3--Three bowls are shown empty. In front of each are placed three tissue paper balls -- red, white, and blue, respectively. In one bowl the three red balls are dropped one at a time, in the second bowl the three white balls are placed, while in the third bowl the three blue balls are dropped one at a time. Attention is called to the patriotic nature of the colors and to the fact that they do not remain apart very long. The bowls are turned over and instead of each containing three balls of the same color, each bowl holds a red, white, and blue ball of paper.

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