You have made wonderful progress with your Magic! Here, you are on your twenty-fifth lesson already. I want you to stop at this point and think back on how much you have learned.

First, and above all, you have learned much of the Science of Magic -- that is, the Psychology of Magic, Showmanship, the PRINCIPLES of Magic, of Sleight of Hand. Secondly, more than 60 effects of great variety have been revealed and taught to you so that they are now YOURS.

You realize by now that this is no mere "bag of tricks" you are getting in this Course. I think this is a good time for you to go back again and reread the section on Magic as a Science in Lesson 1. Then thoroughly review the many principles taught you, using the outlines in Lessons 4 and 13. This review of principles every once in a while is absolutely essential to your success. Each time you review, the principles establish themselves more firmly in your mind and become a part of you. And, of course, the more automatic the working of the principles becomes, the better is your presentation of the effects.


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