Lesson 25

This is a wonderful lesson. You learn new and interesting productions of live rabbits or other small animals. You also learn construction of your apparatus. A knowledge of how to build your own apparatus is absolutely essential to your success, and here you begin with the building of valuable production boxes.


Have you ever stopped to think how many, many years of experience and experiment and how many thousands of dollars it has taken to bring the effects in this Course to you? Painstaking analysis and constant simplifying have been done. And now YOU can get the benefits of it with little effort and little money. Big effects which required expensive and massive apparatus you can now perform with ease. I teach you how to master the effects easily and quickly, and I teach you how to build your apparatus at trifling expense.

Professional Magicians of years of experience tell me time and again: "It is marvelous the way you teach effects with such a small cost of production. There is nothing in the whole course that a man cannot build for himself or have built for just a small amount."

It is small wonder that the world's foremost Magicians say this Course would be cheap at $1,000. Many of them spend fabulous sums on one effect alone.

Only recently, Thurston wrote me that he had spent about $10,000 trying to simplify and perfect a certain illusion. Leon told me that he spent $1,000 for the secret of one effect which he is using in his vaudeville acts -a secret so simple that a schoolboy should know it, yet one which is baffling the finest vaudeville audiences in the country.

Percy Abbott, famous Australian Magician, said to me one day: "It takes a man of experience really to value what you are teaching. If I were to start all over again in Magic as I did years ago and someone were to offer me $10,000 or your Course in Magic, I would take the Course. Knowing what I do today, I say that your Course means a saving of TEN YEARS in working toward success."

So remember — the analysis and simplification of effects which I teach you is SAVING YOU MONEY. None of the value of the effects is lost. In fact, some of the experiments are improved -- yet the construction of the paraphernalia is so simple that you can do it yourself for a very small expenditure.

In today's lesson I teach you the construction of production vanishes, which you can do at home. It is not a bit unusual for Magicians to spend a hundred dollars or more for production vanishes of this kind.

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