In this lesson you learn four more of the finest card effects in the World of Magic. Two of them are given to you by two of the world's greatest magicians.

1 -- The Conjurer's Touch. Performer gives deck of cards to a spectator, who removes a card, shuffles it back into the deck, and then returns the deck to performer. Magician places it in his pocket. Spectator calls out suit of card and magician instantly pulls out a card of like suit from his pocket. Number of card is called out and magician immediately pulls out a card with the same number.

2 -- A Mysterious Discovery. A favorite card effect of PERCY ABBOTT, famous Australian magician.

3 -- "Marvello" — An experiment of T. NELSON DOWNS, world famous coin mystifier, in which two selected cards placed in an examined envelope suddenly change places with two other cards in a spectator's hands.

4 -- An odd experiment in which any one of six cards placed in a sealed envelope mysteriously appear in an empty hat.

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