Leg Tie And Release With Handkerchief

This effect requires the use of a large silk. It always goes over with good results. EFFECT:

Performer twists handkerchief twice around his leg, above the knee. While securely holding both ends in one hand, he jerks handkerchief and it suddenly frees itself from his leg.

To Perform:

Hold handkerchief in front of left leg above the knee (represented by black circle). Silk is rolled into a rope, Figure 29.

Bring handkerchief against leg and twist it around leg. Bring ends forward toward audience again. Figure 30 shows actual twisting of handkerchief around leg and a diagram of the looping of the handkerchief.

Pull ends of silk to show that it is secure around leg. Take silk from around leg and hold again in position shown in Figure 29.

Now you pretend to twist the silk around leg in same manner, but in reality you employ a magical principle in twisting it around.

Bring hands with ends A and B to rear of left leg. Place right thumb against B and right forefinger in front of A, Figure 31.

Hook right forefinger around A, pulling it to right under B. Right thumb pushes B to the left. Grasp B with left thumb and forefinger, Figure 32.

With left thumb and forefinger, push B around under A and pull it through a little way to right with right thumb and forefinger. To do this, of course, you release B from left hand and release A from right, Figure 33.

Bring ends A and B out in front of leg again, Figure 34.

Take both ends of silk in right hand. To audience it appears that you twisted the silk completely around leg as you did before, Figure 35.

Figure 36 is a diagram of the looping of the silk at the back of the leg away from the audience.

Figure 37 shows how this same principle may be applied to the use of a rope around the leg instead of a silk.

Figure 37 shows how this same principle may be applied to the use of a rope around the leg instead of a silk.

Figure 38 shows performer as he looks to audience with silk apparently twisted completely around his leg.

Jerk silk with right hand and it releases itself from leg. It remains suspended in a loop from right hand, Figure 39.

After silk is released, look at audience and say, "Now, you know that isn't so."

This release may be performed with an ordinary pocket handkerchief around a spectator's wrist. Be sure to make fake loops in the handkerchief under the wrist so that they are not visible to spectator or any other members of audience.

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