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2. Laurant. A photo lighted in modernistic German style. Modernism has been sweeping the country in advertising. Interesting effects can be obtained with high lights and shadows.

3. Percy Abbott. An interesting pose suggestive of good entertainment by a master entertainer.

4. Arthur Lloyd. Tells its own story.

1. Laurant. Interesting, isn't it? Look at the expression on the boy's face, the artistic presentation of the doves, and the magic touch of the oriental assistant.

2. Doc Nixon. A type of photo used to show that the performer is a headliner. He carries his name in the electric sign.

3. Percy Abbott. The cigarette, shadow lighting and looking downward at side give the mystery touch to this fine photo.

4. Ollie Thomas. Hindu shadow figure and question mark adds mystery to a snappy pose of Thomas.

1. This is a type of celebrity photo that carries a certain amount of interest and weight. I am photographed along with two famous motion picture stars, Dorothy Mackaill and Milton Sills during the making of the picture "The Barker." To be photographed in an intimate way with celebrities tends to carry you into celebrity class in the pubic eye.

2. Betty Jane Kolar. A child magician in action. The position and grip on rope suggests that Betty Jane knows her business. The two medals suggest prominence and celebrity class.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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