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On the bottom of each leg should be a metal floor piece so that cabinet and platform can be pushed easily over floor.

The platform acts not only as a support for the awning type cabinet, but is also used to hold various costumes and properties as required. There is a space about five inches deep in platform. Fig. 12 shows top view of platform with cross section of cabinet and three doors which help form top of platform. Door A is really only a foot board laid across. Sunken handles are near each end so it can be readily picked up. On the

front of this board all the way across an opaque piece of cloth is tacked, the opposite end of cloth being tacked down into bottom of compartment under this board A. When the board is raised up about 39 inches and laid flat over screw eyes on each side of cabinet. Fig. 13, the cloth is stretched taut and board is flat and held in position by resting on the thumb screws, — it acts as a counter or bar later on in the illusion.

Fig. 13 also nicely shows how compartments are arranged, each having a boarded or metal bottom. Wood pieces are used on the sides so as to hold Board A in place when settled down on platform or the doors B and C.

The doors B and C each have a sunken catch or handle and have their hinges near walls of cabinet. While performer is standing on Door C he can open Door B and vice versa.

Each compartment is separate. A two-by-four or two-by-five separates compartments B and C at the same time allowing support for doors at center of cabinet.

Floor of cabinet should be painted suitable color to hide any inkling of trickery or doors to compartments.

There should be no difficulty in understanding this or in building as in reality only common sense is needed. You must have three compartments for costumes and properties. Each compartment is covered with a door or board which easily lifts up and gives access to materials in compartments. The doors must be supported well enough underneath so performer can easily stand on them, using them as the top of the platform.

2 - A Parlor Screen:

This is merely a three-sided parlor screen such as sold in nearly all department and furniture stores, Figure. 14. Care should be taken to fasten a strip of cloth where screens come together so that spectators cannot see what is going on behind the screen. The cloth should be glued or tacked to inner side of each fold. On the inside panel near top drive a nail or place a small hook so that clown costume can be hung on it at the proper moment.

3 - A Kitchen Chair or Stool:

Just a chair or stool such as is used in the kitchen is all that is necessary. Even a box could be used in emergency.


Policeman - The usual policeman's costume with cap, Fig. 15, next page. A club can be also used to add to the character.

The Circus Girl - A rather snappy dress similar to one in Fig. 16 or even a costume of the aerial performer, bareback rider or fancy costume suggestive of the circus. The costume should be such that a clown costume can be readily slipped on over it.

The Doctor - Something of an afternoon suit with the cutaway cut and striped trousers shows dignity of the physician. The Vandyke beard and mustache should be attached together and arranged so that beard can be easily slipped on and off at a moment's notice. With a physician's grip, the character is easily recognized.

The Clown - Fig. 18 shows the style of costume. It should open in front and be easy to slip in and out of. The usual clown skull cap is worn which in emergency could be made from a lady's white stocking. The upper end of stocking fits over head. The stocking is cut down and sewed together to fit head. A mask is worn over part of face as is shown in Fig. 18. There should be a pocket in costume large enough to tuck skull cap and mask into.


The Pirate - This is a typical pirate's costume. Fig. 19. The shirt and trousers are ragged and there is a sash around the waist. A handkerchief cap is worn. This should be fitted to head and sewed so that it can be quickly slipped on and off head. A black eye piece and mustache helps to complete the effect. The mustache can be the cheap kind that adheres to lips or can be fixed on wire so it can be held by being inserted in nostrils.

The Bartender - Ruffle up the hair and wear a large black mustache that can be easily attached. A shirt with sleeves rolled up and white apron gives the bartender appearance. Fig. 20.

NOTE: Shoes or slippers worn by clown, pirate and girl should be duplicates.

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