Invisible Thumb Vanish

Hold coin as in Figure 26. Curve fingers inward to position shown in Figure 27 as you pretend to throw coin into left hand. From this point, however, do not continue with the Front Thumb Palm. Hold coin in position at crotch of thumb so that it can be gripped at edges as shown in Figure 46.

Now hand may be shown on both sides. When hand is shown from

the back, the coin is not visible to audience. When hand is turned to show front, curve fingers inward to conceal coin. Then fingers may be straightened again to show hand from front. Figures 47 and 48.

When hand is dropped, it is easy to let coin fall into the regular Finger Palm.

This is an old timer and is very simple. Coin is held in Thumb-Fingertip Horizontal position (Figure 18). Cover coin with right hand, allowing thumb to come under coin. Figure 49.

Now allow coin to drop into Finger Palm position in left hand. Close right hand as if you had actually lifted up coin from left hand and carried it away in right. Figure 50.

Left hand may then be dropped to side as right hand is opened to show the coin gone.

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