Pick up stack A. Start with top coin and place the four coins in a row as shown above letter A in Figure 15. The first three coins are placed under each other and the fourth is placed above the first. Lay out stacks B, C, D in similar manner.

Colors on diagram show position of colors on bottom of coins. Upper surfaces are all silver.

Now pick up the top row of coins from left to right, placing 4A on 4B, etc. Place this stack of four coins in position E as shown in Figure 16.

Pick up the other three rows the same way and place them in stacks—F, G, H, respectively.

Place stack G on H, F on top of these two, and finally E on top of all the coins, giving you a stack of sixteen coins again.

Pick up stack with left hand and place in right hand. Be very careful not to expose gold coin on bottom of stack which goes against crotch of right thumb.

"From an old Chinese Magician I learned that if gold coins changed to silver, the same principle could be applied to change silver coins to gold."

Place stack on table, gold surface of bottom coin uppermost.

"So we have gold again."

Lift up the four top coins, one at a time, and place them on right hand. Pretend to turn them over to show other side of stack and then spread them out on table. See Figures 6, 7, 8, 9.

"Another peculiarity about Chinese money is that if you touch a color "

Touch something red--anything which happens to be around, or place something in the colors you need nearby before you begin, or point to an imaginary color in the air.

"For instance, red--and then touch the coins "

Lift off top gold coin and place on table, exposing the red coin on top of stack.

"A coin will mysteriously change to the same color. I touch another color--say, green."

Touch a green object. Lift off red coin and place on table, exposing green coin. Reach up and touch a blue object.

"Now a little blue."

Lift off green coin and show blue one.

"The wind blew (blue) this one."

Touch a black object.

"A bit of black."

Lift off blue coin and expose black one.

"Night-time in China! If I wish, I can touch many colors."

With right fingertip touch each of the colored coins. Then lift off black coin and show the variegated one.

"This one is like Joseph's coat of many colors."

Lift off variegated one.

"So, we have gold coins again."

Lift top coin up about three inches to expose gold coin under it and drop coin again. "Strange people these Chinese!" Stack coins and place in pocket.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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