Individuality You Display Must be Suited to the Times

This brings us back again to a discussion of Individuality — an Individuality suited to the times. Robert-Houdin was the first Magician to discard the old clumsy robes and to appear in a dress suit. He did the Art a good turn by making departure from the old order. Since his time, however, many performers have worn full dress, and not with such good effect. On the stage with a full evening show a la Thurston or Houdini, the dress suit is permissible, providing the performer is the type that can wear one. In view of the change in style, you are much safer in appearing in a Tuxedo for dress wear, thus avoiding any possibility of friction with the audience. For the informal performance the business suit will do very well. There is no need for you to try to display individuality in dress or appearance until you know just what you will accomplish thereby, and whether it is of positive benefit to you.

Take mustaches, for instance. At one time there was a craze for Magicians to wear mustaches and goatees.

It arose through imitation of a hero, the usual foundation for fads. This hero was Alexander Herrmann — Herrmann the Great. This great magician wore a mustache and a goatee. They enhanced his appearance and were well suited to him and gave him individuality. Those who imitated him, however, must have in many cases appeared ridiculous. Today we have Laurant, LeRoy, and Brush who wear distinctive looking mustaches and with effect. However, there are some would-be magicians who feel that they must have mustaches, regardless of suitability, to make them individual and great magicians. If these fellows don't grow them, they paste on big black mustaches and utterly disregard their complexions and color of their hair with the result that they present a ludicrous figure.

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