By moving your thumbs backward and forward with your joints acting as a pivot, you can vary the distance between points 1 and 2. The nearer the base of your thumbs come together, the greater is the distance across your thumbs from 1 to 2. It requires more cord or wire to encircle your two thumbs when bases of thumbs are near each other than when they are farther apart. Figure 35.

Hold your thumbs so that you have plenty of cord around your thumbs when they are bound together. If you were now to move bases of thumbs apart, you would find that you could easily slip right thumb out of the wire loop.

"There is no doubt but that you have the power of wiring tight. Were you a sailor? Now pass the other cord between my thumbs to make doubly sure that they are well tied."

Have spectator place second cord between thumbs, looping it around to the left and bringing the ends out to the right as shown by Figure 36.

"Wire this second cord together and tight against my thumbs."

HOLD YOUR THUMBS TIGHT TOGETHER so that it is impossible to get wire twisted between thumbs. In this way you save the extra amount of cord which you have around thumbs.

Spectator twists cord, apparently tight between thumbs. Figure 37.

"Now wire all four ends together at the top."

Assistant twists the four ends of the two cords securely on top of thumbs. Figure 38.

Show thumbs and palms of hands to audience. Turn hands downward and show backs of hands also.

"You are satisfied, are you not, that my thumbs have been securely tied together or rather wired together? You notice that the cords are below the large joints of my thumbs and consequently there is no way that I could release my thumbs."

Ask assistant to take pole and hold it in a vertical position, one end on the floor and the other in his hands.

"Now will you please hold up the pole. Place one end on the floor and hold tightly to the other end with both hands."

Assistant should be standing at right and a little in front of you. Have him hold pole a little to his left and far enough in front of him so that audience gets a good view of it. Figure 39.

Show hands and thumbs again. Then face assistant.

Your left side and back of left hand is toward audience.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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