Humpty Dumpty Outdone

This effect used to be quite a favorite of mine as it is a bit unusual and very puzzling. EFFECT:

Performer passes his handkerchief and an egg around for examination, then asks a spectator to bring them back to him and assist him in the experiment. Magician then grasps handkerchief by the corners and tells assistant to drop egg into it. The egg, of course, falls to the center of the handkerchief. Spectator is told to feel of the egg through the handkerchief, then to BREAK the egg. The crushing of the egg is heard and all believe it to be smashed. Performer then asks assistant to reach inside the handkerchief and remove the egg. Assistant hesitates for a broken egg is rather a messy thing to pick up. He finally does reach in, however, and brings out the egg wholly restored to the amazement of himself and the rest of the spectators. Handkerchief is opened wide and shown empty.

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