How to Sew on Snap Fasteners

The idea is to sew on opposite parts of fasteners at the ends of the ropes so that when they are snapped together, the rope looks whole. It is necessary to use care in not drawing the thread too tight or leaving it too loose. Use white cotton thread, about No. 40, and use a fine enough needle to go through the holes in the fasteners. Use about a yard of thread and double it for each part of fastener.

Take end of rope and pull needle through about half an inch from the end, bringing thread through to knot. Figure 7.

Wrap the thread around rope four or five times and run needle through rope again. Figure 8.

This wrapping of thread keeps small strands of rope from unraveling so that you can cut rope off sharply

about a sixteenth of an inch above it, Figure 9.

Now take one part of fastener and sew it carefully to end of rope, Figure 10.

Run needle through rope again, then wind enough thread around rope again to even it up. Run needle through rope several times and cut thread close to rope, Figure 11.

A little practice will enable you to make a nice clean-cut job of sewing on the fasteners. The more care used and the neater the work, the better results you will get. Paint the nickel fasteners with a little white Japan paint, (it can be purchased in small tubes), which has been thinned with benzine for quick drying. The advantage of using white paint is that less thread can be used in sewing on fasteners and thus the two opposite parts will grip tighter together. As with the Gimmicks, be sure that you have opposite parts of fasteners at each end of each piece of rope.

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