How to Prepare Rope

Take the long piece and the six-inch piece of rope which you have prepared with Gimmicks or snap fasteners. Attach the short piece to the long one to form a circle of rope, Figure 12.

Now tie the ten-inch piece of rope around the middle of the rope, opposite to the Gimmicks. This gives

the effect that the ends of the rope are tied together where the extra piece of rope is tied on. The real ends of the rope are attached by Gimmicks to the six-inch piece, and as these are invisible, it gives the effect that this is the middle of the rope. The audience knows nothing about the Gimmicks and, of course, is not looking for them. I have never had the Gimmicks detected. Especially if rope is swung a little, Gimmicks are not detectable. See Figure 13.

Fold up prepared rope and place in coat pocket or some handy place. Scissors may be in upper left coat pocket. I use the round-end scissors to avoid possibility of accident from sharp points. Place the "magic" ring in right trouser's pocket.

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