How To Make

Take two plain manila envelopes. These must be of good weight so that they are as nearly opaque as possible. Or you may use colored envelopes that are opaque.

Cut the front side with the flap from one of the envelopes, about one-sixteenth of an inch from the bottom and side edges. This leaves you a flat piece of paper with a flap as shown in illustration 11.

Insert this piece of paper and flap into the other envelope so that the gummed flaps both face the same way and fit well together. This insert acts as a wall.

We shall call the space in front of insert A and the space behind it B. See Fig. 12.

In space B place the piece of paper with the number 45 cut out of it and the cut-out numbers 4 and 5 also. Wet the gummed portion of flap 2 and paste it onto flap 1, as illustrated in Figure 13. Sometimes I glue down the whole flap, not just the edge.

Open up envelope. To all appearances it looks like an ordinary envelope with nothing in it. Audience will never suspect that it has a false partition and a prepared paper in it.

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