How To Get Started

Start with a firm foundation, and build your structure step by step. Fly-by-night methods are too flimsy. They don't hold up under pressure. Know your work thoroughly and you have a foundation which nothing can destroy. You may make mistakes in the beginning, but let those mistakes spur you on to perfection. Everyone makes mistakes, but wise is the man who profits by them and does not repeat them.

Experience will teach you a great deal. You will learn which tricks stand up for you. You must learn how to present them in the best possible manner. You must learn the little details which it is impossible to teach you — details which have much to do with your success. They arise as you perform and experience will teach you how to turn them to your own good.

All Magicians must go through the process of testing — or, as the profession calls it, "Trying it on the dog," or "Working out in the sticks." With each performance they learn something and gradually perfect their work.

Feel your way along. Know your ground before you venture into big things. Keep your eyes and ears open. Watch and learn. You must become thoroughly grounded first — before you will be the financial success I want you to be.

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Enneagram Essentials

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