How To Get A Card Placed In Middle Of Deck To Bottom Of Deck

This is accomplished by the same method that is used in getting a card to top of deck except for position of little finger of left hand. The little finger, in this case, is placed under the card instead of on top of it, when card is replaced on packet. When packet A is placed on packet B, the selected card becomes the bottom card of A with little finger under it.

When the PASS is performed, packet B becomes the top packet, and packet A with the selected card at the bottom becomes the bottom packet. The selected card is then on the bottom of the deck.

When accomplishing this with the SIMPLIFIED PASS, you must perform it in this way:

Be sure to have backs of cards toward audience instead of the faces. In shuffling the overhand way in the Simplified Pass to get a card to bottom of deck, a different move is required.

Raise top packet A and place on other side of packet B. With left thumb slip off the selected card as you raise packet A again and shuffle towards front of deck, being careful not to disturb bottom card. In this case you shuffle away from audience, whereas when selected card is on top, you shuffle toward audience with faces of cards toward them; and you turn right side a little toward audience, whereas in the other way of working, you turn left side toward audience.

When doing the Riffle Shuffle, selected card at bottom of right-hand packet A is merely allowed to fall first to keep it at the bottom.

The card effects in this lesson are impromptu and can be performed at a moment's notice anywhere. They are suitable for parlor, club, or stage work.

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