How to Attach Special Gimmick to Rope

Take the long piece of rope and the six-inch piece and prepare both ends of each piece as follows: Near the end wrap a piece of white thread tightly around several times, Figure 4.

With sharp scissors, cut end of rope up close to thread. Figure 5.

This gives a substantial enough end on which to screw Gimmick firmly. Cut away any thread which may show on rope outside of Gimmick. Be sure to place a positive part at one end and a negative part of Gimmick at other end of each piece of rope, Figure 6.

NOTE: The Rope Mystery, as formerly sold, required the use of snap fasteners sewed on to the rope. The method of working the rope trick was the same but it took time and trouble to sew on the fasteners. The new Special Gimmick eliminates all this. It is easily and quickly screwed on to the rope and can be used over and over again.

However, for the benefit of those who still want to sew on snap fasteners, I shall explain the procedure. I want you to know how to do this, though I doubt whether any of you will want to go to the trouble, now that the new Gimmick is available.

The fasteners to use are known as ladies' dress fasteners. There are several brands. The one I recommend is the Boye Dress Fastener, Size 3-0.

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