Grouping of effects

In grouping of effects you must follow a logical sequence. A hodge-podge conglomeration is bad. You must make one effect blend into the next just as actions in a play do. Keep your Handkerchief work in one group, Card work in another group, Super-Mental work in another, and so forth. Step up the action and the mystification from one to another.

If you are presenting Oriental Magic in the program, keep it in groups -- Hindu Magic in one, Chinese Magic in another, etc. You may vary this rule a little. If you desire to use a Hindu effect for an opener and another for the finish, or one in the middle of your program, this is permissible, but it must be blended in very smoothly. Always keep in mind the grouping of effects for logical dramatic action.

While you must group effects for harmony, be careful not to group them for monotony. There must be good variety in your program. Avoid giving two tricks of a similar nature, unless one is used apparently to explain the other. If you have to vanish a handkerchief more than once, make the second vanish different from the first. If you do the Kellar Cut and Restored Cord Trick, do not perform the Cut and Restored Ribbon, or the Cut and Restored Something Else. If you do a torn paper mystery, select the method which appeals to you most and accent it. Do not give three or four methods even if they are different -- the effects are somewhat similar. Feature certain effects and do not weaken their power by similarity to some other effect.

You have plenty of tricks to give your program SNAP AND VARIETY.

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