General Hat Productions

The principles which I taught you in this lesson for performing productions from a hat may be used for producing a variety of objects. For regular hat production work, collapsible objects are in favor because they can be folded into small space and then expand when produced. Solid articles, however, also play their part.

Articles which are apparently solid are really hollow for production work and are arranged so that loads can be carried in them. For instance, an alarm clock can have the works removed and an opening made in the back into which many silks can be loaded. Clock and silks are loaded into hat, then silks are produced from the clock and clock is finally produced from hat.

A can of corn or peaches makes an interesting production. Take a can, cut off bottom and empty contents. Clean can well and dry it. On one side of can have a small ring soldered so that can may be hung on back of chair or table. Can may be loaded with baby clothes, silks, etc. First these are produced and then the can. Be careful in showing can not to expose open bottom.

An interesting array of Magic, including the famous wine and water effect in which wine, water, and milk are poured from a pitcher of water and then wine and milk combine to form water again. Also the wandering bottle experiment, a peculiar Three Card Monte effect with a bottle, the mysterious transposition of smoke, confetti and ribbon effect, and several cooking experiments.

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