Front Finger Palm Vanish

Hold coin in Front Finger Palm position in right hand. Show coin plainly to audience, holding both hands out toward them. Figure 35.

Turn right hand over into left hand as if to drop coin there. Figure 36. Remove right hand with coin still Front Finger Palmed. Then curl third finger inward and conceal coin by the Closed Finger Palm method (Figure 15). This method makes it natural for you to point at left hand with right index finger. Open left hand and coin is gone.

A modification of this Vanish may be made in this way:

Start with the coin in the center of right palm. Slant fingers downward slightly so that coin slides down to the position for the Front Finger Palm. Grip coin there and turn hand over, bringing it toward left hand. Then continue as in the regular Front Finger Palm Vanish.

The effect to the audience is that the coin continued to slide from the right hand into the left. Do not hesitate in turning of right hand toward left and the illusion is perfect.

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