Front and Back Finger Palming

Only one hand is used in this method of vanishing a coin and both sides of hand are shown to audience.

This method requires some skill; therefore, it will require real practice before you are ready to use it. Downs and Manuel can Front and Back Palm a quantity of coins -- even a dozen or two would be easy for them. Such work requires too much skill, however, for the average magician. I shall teach you other methods of handling a quantity of coins later on in the course. We begin here to learn how to master this principle with one coin.

Hold coin in Front Finger Palm position (Figure 11). Remember coin is gripped on both sides by first and fourth fingers. Figure 53.

Curve second and third fingers under coin, holding coin securely between first and fourth fingers. Figure 54.

Let coin revolve as fingers go under it. Figure 55.

Study these moves out very slowly, but remember that, of course, they are performed very quickly and as one continuous movement.

Straighten out fingers. This brings coin automatically to back of hand in same position as it was on front of hand. Palm of hand is shown to audience and it appears that the coin has vanished. Figures 56 and 57.

This first movement of getting coin from front to back of hand should be done with a big move of the whole arm. Arm is lowered slightly, then raised as though tossing coin in air. As you do this, curve fingers under coin and pivot coin to back of hand.

Now to show back of hand and yet conceal coin:

Coin is on back of hand after completing the above movements. Figures 58 to 62 show how the movements of getting the coin to front of hand again appear to the audience.

Start with hand in position shown in Figure 58, coin on back of hand.

Turn fingers downward and thumb straight over them as in Figure 59.

Now bring thumb downward, turning back of hand toward audience. Figure 60.

Slide second and third fingers out from under coin, pivoting coin with them. Figure 61.

Straighten fingers out behind coin so that it is now held Front Finger Palmed again. Back of hand may now be shown to audience. Figure 62.

To show front of hand again and conceal coin:

Just reverse movements of getting coin from back to front. Start with position shown in Figure 62 and work back to Figure 58.

Figure 63 shows position of arm and body in doing the Front and Back Finger Palming. Right side of body is turned away from audience. Right arm is held out at side with hand elevated.

Master this principle with BOTH hands. You are then able to get effects apparently using one coin, but in reality using two, one in each hand. When one is exposed in one hand, the other is concealed in the other hand. You can apparently pass a coin from the hand to the elbow, through the knees, etc. It is well, then, to have the principle at your command.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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