Forcing One of Four Cards on Table EFFECT

Four cards are laid down on table in a row. Through various methods, Magician can force any one of the cards.


Place four cards down in this manner, backs up, Figure 14.

1- Free Choice Force -If you place card which you want forced in position C and have it a little nearer spectator than other cards, it is a psychological fact that he will select C in most cases.

If this force fails, you can easily remedy the situation. If spectator touches D, say, "I should have told you to select any two of the cards."

If he touches C this time, keep C and D and say you will discard the other two.

If he touches either of the other two cards, keep that one with C and discard the other two.

Now with two cards left, ask spectator to select either one. If he chooses C, discard the other one. If he chooses the other card, merely discard it with the others and retain C.

No matter what spectator chooses, he really has no choice in the matter. You use whichever card you want anyway.

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