Forcing Bottom Card


Cards are fanned and spectator is asked to select one by touching it. Magician separates pack at that point and shows card which had been touched. This is in reality the card magician wanted selected.


Place card to be forced, say the Ace of Diamonds, on "Bottom" of deck. Fan cards, backs up, Figure 5.

With right finger-tips move bottom card over to center of fan under other cards. Movement and shifted card are concealed by fan of cards, Figure 6.

Have spectator touch any card in fan. He will usually touch one in the middle somewhere, but wherever


he touches, separate the pack at that point. Be sure to get the card he ACL Difri^QNt?^

touched in the right-hand pack. Bring the bottom card quickly up even with bottom card of right packet (spectator's touched card) and pull two hands apart. The Ace of Diamonds becomes bottom card of right packet.

It is apparently the card spectator touched, but in reality is a forced card. Hold right packet facing audience to show selected card, Figure 7.

You may now proceed with the experiment which you desire to perform with the forced card.

If you want to force three or four cards, place them on bottom of deck and force each by the same method as above. Be careful not to expose bottom of left packet.

This force is always sure. It is easy to do and cannot be discovered by audience if you do it right. This is also a good method for locating one or more selected cards.

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