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A die has six sides, numbered with one to six dots. Figure 15. You desire to force B or C; let us say, C. Have spectator throw die on table to select number for card. If it lights with one or four up, ask him to throw it again to prove that it is not loaded. You want two, three, five, or six to come up.

If two ones or two fours come up in succession, spectator is more than willing to throw die again to see whether it is loaded or not. If four is thrown first and then a one, or vice versa, you say four and one are five and you will take the card at number five.

This is the way you select the card:

If two is thrown, count from right side, Figure 16.

If three is thrown, count from left side, Figure 17.

If one or four are thrown, you ask for another throw.

If five (or four and then one) is thrown, you count from the left and back one to the right, Figure 18. If six is thrown, begin counting at left end, double count last card and then count back one to left, Figure

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