Force Behind Performers Back EFFECT

Performer places deck behind his back, and spectator selects a card. This card is forced.


Place card to be forced on bottom of deck. Be careful not to expose it. Place pack behind your back, holding cards in both hands lightly. Backs of cards are up, Figure 8.

Ask spectator to lift off a few cards. When he has done so, turn to the left to face him for an instant. Cards are kept in same position behind your back and are now out of sight of audience.

"Did you take off a few?"

The moment cards are hidden, slip the bottom card to the top. Do this quickly with right hand, Figure 9.

Turn your back to spectator again with cards behind you as before. This turning and adjusting of cards is done so quickly that audience does not suspect anything. It seems natural for you to turn to spectator as you ask him whether he took a few cards.

"Now that you have lifted off a few cards from the deck — I do not know how many -- just lift up the next card and look at it. Remember it."

And so you have forced your card.

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