Figure 2Î

"Gentlemen, each of you give me an end of one of the ropes which you are holding. Either one--you may have your choice."

Gentlemen each give you end of rope.

"I will now tie still another knot on the outside of the coat so that you can see it. It makes the coat doubly secure."

Tie a single knot with two ends of ropes. This brings the end given by L over to the right and the end given by R to the left. See Figure 24.

"And will you please hold the ends again?"

To the audience the knot looks like extra security but to you it is just a necessary ruse to get an end of rope held by L over to R and vice versa.

"Hold tight, but let me have just a little slack in the ropes. Do not draw them tight until I tell you to. You are thoroughly convinced, gentlemen, that the rings and coat are well secured cm the ropes and that you are holding the ends? Very well."

Reach up under coat, which screens movements of your hands. Break thread by pulling loops of ropes apart. BE CAREFUL NOT TO LET RINGS DROP. Untie the knot and insert first finger and thumb of left hand through loops of rope to prevent premature pulling of ropes from coat. Figure 25 illustrates position of fingers.

"By the way, are either of you gentlemen married? Well, do you have any trouble in getting out nights, especially when the wife locks the doors and windows? Let me give you a secret. I will show you how to go right through the door or even the roof. Just like this. Here we had six rings tied up for the evening, but look!

One-two-three-four-five-six--all ready to go out for a good time."

As you say this, hold up rings one at a time, passing them from left to right hand. You will find it easy to hold rings on three lower fingers of left hand before passing them to right hand.

"Will you examine them, sir, and see if the rings are all right? Didn't hurt them a bit."

Give rings to R with right hand. Meanwhile for safety, keep your hold on loops of ropes with left hand.

"That leaves us with the coat knotted on the ropes. See the knot. When I say Three, pull the ropes tight. Pull hard. One-two-THREE."

At Three, release your hold on ropes. Assistants pull ropes out of coat and the ropes are stretched straight between them. The coat remains on the chair, as in Figure 26.

"See what a little help will do in getting a friend out of trouble. Here. sir, is your coat as good as ever.

Give coat to L and take ropes.

"Now that you understand the process fully, I hope that neither of you will hesitate to go out evenings even if you are locked or tied in."

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