Performer shows a glass pitcher half full of water, and five empty glasses. Into the first glass he pours water, into the second red wine, into the third gin, and into the fourth red wine. Each glass is filled about half full. He pours the contents of the first glass into the second and back into the first, giving wine in both. The third and fourth glasses are mixed, giving water in both. The first and second glasses of wine are poured back into the pitcher, making wine in the pitcher. The third and fourth glasses, containing water, are poured back into the pitcher, resulting in clear water as in the beginning. Magician then pours water from the pitcher into the fifth glass, changing it to milk.


1 — A strong solution of phenolphthalein. Fill a bottle about one-fifth full of powdered phenolphthalein and fill bottle with alcohol.

2 — Tartaric acid solution. Fill a bottle half full of powdered tartaric acid and fill bottle with water.

3 — Potassium carbonate solution. Fill bottle half full of potassium carbonate or sodium carbonate and fill bottle with water.

Any druggist will sell you the above ingredients or make the solutions for you. To begin with use a six-ounce bottle of the phenolphthalein solution and six-ounce bottles of the others. The amounts can be increased according to your needs. SHAKE EACH SOLUTION WELL BEFORE USING.

4 — A glass pitcher with more than enough water in it to fill four glasses about two-thirds full.

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